Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Took Nick to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Along with a million other kids, one that threw up and the mother seemed determined to finish out the experience (even though it was free). We left as soon as the projectile vomit was cleaned up and we saw the mother and little girl coloring at one of the tables.

I'm not a huge germophobe but there are some things I just can't handle......

The worst part is, Nick can't stop telling everyone he meets about 'the little girl at the mall who threw up.' Its like a greeting. 'Hello! A little girl at the mall threw up! She threw up all over the place. Mama, I don't want to throw up.' *sigh*

Since they didn't have the photographers there we had to go back later this week to get the 'official' photo.

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