Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring? How 'bout Summer....

In So Cal, we seem to jump right into Summer. It was in the 80's last week and in true California fashion, we drove down to the beach to check out the new season and some sunset views.

I am not a fan of the beach. I hate sand. Its sticky. And the water is nasty. Yuck. But the views are nice. Thats about all I like about the beach.

I braved the sand and stinky, nasty water (and 300 giggling teens from a local high school having their Spring Break bonfire) to get some pictures. There are days when I remember (not so fondly) my high school days and the MTV/Laguna Beach-esque activities. Who was dating whom, cheating on who, driving what kind of expensive car and the bonfires on the beach.

We found a small section of beach to enjoy the waves and sunset before we were descended upon by screeching teenagers.....

I tried to write our names in the sand and as I'd stand back to get the photo, some of those oh-so-cute teenagers would come running through and walk on my writing. Frustrated? You bet. So I scribbled our initials in the sand. B(ryan) E(rica) and N(ick). BEN.

I know what it means and thats all the matters. We finally gave up on finding a quiet piece of sand to enjoy the sunset and headed to Rubys.

They gave him 3D glasses with his kids menu and some lady came around doing caricatures. I need to find a way to upload a picture of that.

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