Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hate birthdays

I do. After 21 I just kind of felt like that was the last milestone. 25 hit me hard because I was a quarter of a century old. Wow!

I got lower insurance rates at 25.

Then 30 hit.

This year I turned 33. Two more years to 35. 35. Thats almost 40. I'm not ready to embrace that yet.

But I finally embraced celebrating my birthday. Nick helped decorate my cake this year. This is my favorite cake. Chocolate cinnamon with homemade frosting. I could just eat a bowl of this stuff and skip the cake.

So Nick wanted to help decorate. Can you see the evidence of cake testing on his face?

There's the frosting blob that covers up the finger hole where he licked the frosting.

And the snail. He's obsessed with snails. He walks around saying that snails 'love him'. I have no idea where he got it so don't ask. And every cake needs a snail right?

I think he was going for a flower on this one. MIght have had some help.

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