Sunday, July 25, 2010

Off to Chicago

But I did get some crafty time in a couple of weeks ago. It was short and sweet so I didn't bother trying to come up with my own stuff.
I copied. Yeah, I did it. I don't care. I have a stack of photos that need to go in books and with everything going on, I just don't have the time to sit back and think through a layout.

But I'm planning on some time in August when I get back.

The CA Snowman is based on a sketch from the site. Lady Grace gave us this one and thats my take on it. The rest are copies from other places like Studio Calico.

I leave for Chicago early tomorrow morning. The laptop, Flip camera, DSLR, iPhone and iPod are all charged for the trip. So is Mr. Nook. have I mentioned that I'm reading again. I used to go through books like they were magazines. And then I started this business and have a kid. My reading just went out the window. But I have a renewed passion for it.

No piles of books everywhere. No expensive trips to Barnes & Noble. No ripped covers because some little person got their grubby mitts on my book.

I got the basic WiFi model. With a cute cover.

Loving this song. Not sure where I heard it but I used Shazam on my iPhone to tag it and then buy it.

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