Saturday, July 17, 2010

NHL Draft 2026

So, in June, we went to the NHL Draft.

Both fun and boring. Fun because you got to see what was going on. Who was talking to who, deals being made etc. I have some pictures somewhere that I need to find and post.

We knew it was going to be long and boring so we didn't take Nick.

He responded with this......

Yeah, he's ready to play. He ran around with his helmet on. I almost signed him up for the Junior Kings but he needs to wait about 5 more years.

I did sign him up for the USA Hockey program. They can find a program for him around here. Unfortunately, they are all associated with the Ducks. So I might find myself driving up to LA to get the Kings program. As a parent, I cannot enroll my son in a Ducks program. I just can't. I want a strong hockey player not a brute or crybaby.

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