Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's time for the annual school Halloween party and show at Nick's school.  I love this party.  Of course, I was a bit bummed when another mom beat me to the sign up sheet and got m y cupcakes.  I've been planning the cuppies for weeks knowing the party was coming.

So I had to divert my crafty-ness in another direction.

Spider plates.

Goodie Bags

Cake pop pumpkins made with my new Cake Pop Maker.
This is how the party looked in their room.

And the kids before the show.

The show.  I love hearing them sing their songs.

Time to party!
 This is Skye - Nicks 'girlfriend'.  They act like a married couple.  Fine one minute, fighting the next.  She gives him a run for his money.  I hear they are inseparable in school.

 This was better than last year!

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  1. What a cute cowboy! I will have to remember the spiderplates for next year. I think i need that babycake machine, just have to see if i can find in in the netherlands.