Friday, October 7, 2011


I think Halloween time at Disneyland is my most favorite time of the year there.  I love Christmas too but Halloween is more fun.

The entire park is decorated and some of the rides switch over to the special holiday ones.

Since we have passes we hit the park up on a weekday.  We picked Nick up from school early (which he loves) and took him for the afternoon.  It was slow and we got on every ride we wanted too.

Nick loves taking the horse drawn trolley from the front gate up to the castle.

Where we found these really cool pumpkins!

And one of his favorite rides - the Rocket Ships

And then we headed over to the new Star Tours ride.  This just reopened and has quickly become a fave for the entire family.  Definitely worth the wait and today, the wait was about 20 minutes.  Thats a short wait for this ride!
And when we walked out......we ran into a Storm Trooper.  We had just picked up a new light saber (or lifesaver as Nick calls it) to replace the one we bought in the spring.  We got it home and there were no batteries or battery cover so it didn't light up or make sound.  We made sure this one worked before we left the store.

Nick ran up to the Storm Trooper and then saw his gun and started to back away.  Right before he darted back over to my side he said 'I have a lifesaver!' to the Storm Trooper.  He pretended to be scared and played like he was afraid of Nick.  I love good characters!

Then we headed over to Frontierland to check out the pumpkins over there ......

And we ran into Woody!
The Haunted Mansion is a must!  They turn it into the Nightmare Before Christmas.

And we can't leave without a ride on the teacups!

A parting shot of the castle.....

And the pumpkin characters at the gates.

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  1. You made some fabulous pictures! Looks like a big event.