Saturday, July 20, 2013

Insomnia : Friend or Foe

As I get older, I find I cannot sleep.  Sometimes I just lay there and stare at the dark ceiling.  Other nights, I crawl into my craft room and piddle.  I'm not feeling creative, I don't want to sit and troll the internet so I just move stuff around.

Thats when I get a wild hair and purge.

You can find all that good stuff on my Flickr page.  Pricing is listed in case you want any of it.

And then there are nights when I'm feeling inspired but still don't want to make anything.  Thats when I find  myself all over Pinterest.

Tonight, I'm up.  Its 3:03 AM my time and I've just created my CHA Summer Wish List.  I'm not done yet but I've got a good list going.

CHA Summer Wish List

It doesn't help that I'm going to get one day to walk the show floor in Vegas next week so I wanted to be prepared.  I know a lot of companies aren't going to be there but the ones that will are going to have some fun booths and I can take my time.  Just take it all in.

Maybe I should purge some more stuff from this room?

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