Friday, July 5, 2013

Birthday Planning

So I'm in full birthday planning mode for the little guy.  Did I mention he'll be SIX?  I don't even want to think about him getting any older right now.  I might cry and then I'll want to have another baby.

He requested a Wreck it Ralph party this year but he wants another skating party.  So I have the challenge of turning the dressing room at the local rink into Wreck it Ralph central.  Not easily done but with a full day of Pinterest-ing (yes, thats a word) and planning with my mom, we have created a party like no other.  I really can't wait for it to all come together.

Here are a few ideas from my Pinterest board:

 The Cake:  We ordered the cake.  It will be similar to the pink cake below but in blue.  The race track with be black.  There will be candy and figurines but at the top will be a small apartment building with Ralph on top.  I mixed the two lands (Fix It Felix and Sugar Rush).

 I will be making these cake pops - no bags or labels, just a treat for the table.
 My version of the controllers will be the vintage Nintendo controllers made out of rice crispy treats.
 I really want to do the cookies but we'll see how hard they are.  I might make a batch of heart cookies and test out my writing and frosting skills first.
 My idea for the room will be balloons hanging down from the ceiling with some stars mingled in.  I saw a hammer candy mold that I want to purchase and possibly make some chocolate hammers.
I love the Pac Man cookies.


I ordered these two backdrops - again, to tie in the two worlds.  The brick wall will be hung up behind where the kids sit.  The checkered wall will be for the cake and snack table.

Brick wall from Amazon.

 Checkerboard from Birthday Express.

I ordered favor boxes that match the checkerboard wall.

I've watched the movie three times this week to make a list of things I see that I can tie into the whole theme.  I've got a list of candy and ideas that will take shape over the next month.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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