Saturday, July 20, 2013

A look back at the last 6 years

So, in a few hours, it will be my son's birthday.  He's 6 tomorrow.  6.  I remember taking the test that told me I was actually pregnant like it was yesterday.  No really, it feels like just a couple of months ago we were getting ready for him and then BAM!

Literally, BAM.  He's like a little firecracker.  The kind you lite and then fizzle a little then take off in a blur of fire.  Thats my son.  My little firecracker.  Always on the go.  Always into things.  Always talking, moving.  Never sleeping.  Where he gets his energy I'll never know.  He's kept us on his toes from the moment he looked at me from his bassinet at the end of my hospital bed with the 'I'm here' look on his face.

He came into this world silent.  He barely cried, only looked around with a cranky look on his face.  Led Zepplin was playing on the ipod in the OR during my c-section.  My husband and OB were discussing guitars and classic rock while I laid there numb from the chest down.  This might explain his love on classic rock today.  He never did like lullabys.  I had dreams of rocking him to sleep to the soothing melodies but he had other ideas.  When I turned that music on, he screamed.  My husband thought it would be funny to 'spook' him a little and put on some Van Halen one night.  We did it to partially drown out the crying.  He stopped crying, blinked and then I think he gave us his first smile.  From that day forward it was Van Halen, Motley Crue or Led during your bedtime routine.  My little metal head.

 You were just a few hours old when you turned your head and lifted it to look at me.  The nurse said you weren't supposed to do that but it was a sign of a very healthy baby.  None of us had any clue just how strong you were.  Strong in body, spirit and mind.

I love this picture of you.  Its the total opposite of your personality but its the sweet, sleeping baby I thought I was taking home.
 The first time you met Rascal.  You had a rough start but you're best friends now.
 So much for that swaddling stuff.  They said babies liked the tight feeling of swaddling.  Not you.  You broke out of the prison and then fell asleep.
 Your first skate.  You were about a month old.  This was also the last time G-Grandpa skated.  He suffered a stroke a few weeks later and never fully recovered.  Six years later, he's at the rink every week watching you with your skating coach wishing it was him out there showing you how its done.

 You are well travelled.  You saw Vegas, Ohio and New York before you were six months old.  This picture is you with all 8 of your NY cousins.
 My little metal head.
Where the obsession started.
 Your first birthday.

Second birthday - at Goofy's Kitchen.
 Third Birthday at Zoomar's.
Fourth Birthday at Farrell's.
Fifth Birthday at the rink.

Happy Birthday Buddy!!


  1. Love the way you told his first days ! My third baby also did something he wasn't supposed to do : he turned completely on his side to feed him against me and he was only a few days old ! Babies are amazing.

  2. Sweet photos! Time goes so fast. Happy birthday to your DS!