Thursday, September 8, 2011

As summer fades.....

We're wrapping up the list of summer fun.

A couple of fun things we did.

I've been going to Solvang since I was a little girl.  My grandparents used to take me up for the weekend.

It starts with a cool trip up the coast along PCH.

You pass these about every mile.  It marks the route Father Junipero Serra took while building missions.
Welcome to Solvang



 Birdhouses hanging outside your house give the elves a place to sleep.  They say if you have one of these, the elves won't steal your food.

 Cranes.  Also a good luck charm.

 This structure...
 Its a replica of the one in Copenhagen.  We saw this in 2006 when we were there.

Solvang is known for its Danish food.  Their bakeries....are awesome.  I get these lattice cookies and the petit fours every time.

One of the main reasons we made the drive up there was to eat at Andersons Pea Soup.  Another stop we always made when I was growing up.  I don't eat pea soup but their food is great.
 I have so many of these pictures from my childhood.  Now I have one with Nick.

 Vintage manu.  They keep them under glass now.  That graph is a mileage chart.  It told you how far you were from different places.  Andersons was a staple on a road trip.  People stopped here as they traveled up the coast on their way to other places.
 After dinner it was back down the coast towards home.
We stopped in Carpinteria at the local beach there to watch the sunset.

 Found a train mural across the street from the beach.
 What a perfect shot to sum up the day.

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