Sunday, September 25, 2011


So you know by now I'm obsessed with this site.

I pin every day.

I've had some things pinned that I really wanted to copy.  Like these:

I'm slightly obsessed with maps but thats probably because I love to travel.  So I've been collecting maps for something someday and finally figured out what I wanted to do.

This is just the first of many map projects.

Excuse the glare - it was virtually impossible to photograph this without glare.
 This pair is for my parents.  Just need to get another frame and make the heart.
Los Angeles and New York
 Us.  Germany and Los Angeles.
I have a third set of people for my grandparents - Edmonton and Nebraska.

The people are actually the Maya Road chip album. I used this one:

 But there is a larger version.  Instead of getting 3 of each, you get 6 of each, but larger.  Mine are about 5 inches.  The larger set measures 8 inches.


If anyone is interested in making their own 'map people', I can stock the albums in the shop.

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