Friday, September 23, 2011

The Candyman Can

Remember the look on the kids faces in Willy Wonka?  Thats probably what I looked like when I took Nick into a local candy store.

But not your normal candy store.  Powell's Sweet Shoppe.  They carry mostly old candy favorites in the store including some international candy too!  I can find some Canadian chocolate bars in there which means I don't have to stock up whenever I'm up there.

They even have a Cotton Candy making machine.

Here's a little tour of Powell's.........

 The gum drawers.

 Right when you walk in there have a vintage Coke cooler filled with bottle caps.  I grabbed a few thinking they were charging for them.  They were *free* so I took a few more.  

 And a cotton candy making machine.  You put money in and it spins fresh cotton candy.

 Check that out!

Then it dispenses it into the hands of an eager boy.

Some of the fun candy they offer

An entire wall dedicated to PEZ

And Willy Wonka playing on a continuous cycle in the back of the store.  You can't help but want to dance around while sampling everything they have just like the kids do in the factory.

Another fun thing you can find tucked away in different parts of the store are vintage toys.

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