Saturday, September 10, 2011


First one.

Then another.

Then a third one.

Its been a rough summer for hockey players and as a fan, its tough to wake up to reports.  At this point, you begin asking yourself 'who's next?'.  You wake up every morning wondering if you'll hear another report of another player gone.

And then this.

43 dead.

An entire team.  No one left.  I knew several players on that team and it kills me to read the roster.  A former King was on that plane.  Pavol Demitra.  He wasn't a King very long but he made an impact while he was here and he was one of my favorites.

He's gone.  He didn't do drugs.  Or drink.  He wasn't an enforcer.  He just played hockey.

This is my favorite moment of him in a Kings uni.  The night the team gave out free hats to every fan in attendance.  All 18,000 +.  The night he scored a hat trick and we gave all 18,000+ hats right back.

The Avalanche player #3, Skrastins was also on that flight.  He was the one who tried to block the shot.

RIP Pavol and the rest of the Lokomotive team.

Sadly, this comes just a few days before 9/11.  Kings fans lost two great members of its family that day as well.

Ace Bailey
Mark Bavis

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