Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Checking out the competition

With Disneyland so close, we don't get to DisneyWorld very often.

I love comparing the two.  While WDW might be bigger and have more attractions, I still love the intimacy of Disneyland.

But we enjoy any time we get to be in a Disney park.

 Of course we took the Monorail instead of the steamboat.  Having a train obsessive son we HAD to ride it.

 Meet Pluto.

We just happened to be there the same week my cousin and his family were - lucky coincidence.  So we hung out with them for part of the day.
 First pin trading.  He wasn't into it.  He likes the pressed pennies more.  Truth be told, so do I.

My kid loves all the scary rides.  From the Haunted Mansion to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder.

 Taking time out to see the parade........
 Dinner time!
More rides.......

Fireworks time!

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