Saturday, November 5, 2011

They say you can't go back....

but I did.

Homecoming.  I haven't been back to my old High School in 16 years.  My cousins who both went there before me hadn't been back in 18 and 22 years.  So for the three of us to go back and see the changes - well it made us all feel old.

There is a real stadium there now.  We used to have 'home' games at a stadium in the district.  Not anymore.  They have a real stadium.

With a real scoreboard.

And 55 cheerleaders.

And a mascot that rides out on a Harley.

Fireworks at halftime.  AFTER the half time show.

Everything has changed.  I got a few pictures with my camera before the battery died so these are all off my phone.

The reason we were all there?  To see my cousins kid play.  He plays for the visiting team though, not our alma mater.  He's #46 - the punter.

The street leading into the school is now names after the mascot.....

 The tailgate.  Ours was the saddest tailgate there.  You should see the elaborate setups.  We never did this when I was going to school.....
 My old lunch spot.
 My kid running through the quad.  Funny to see that.

 The blur is the mascot on the Harley.

 The punter, all the way to the left in the picture.  Thats my cousins kid.

The three of us were (sadly) excited to see all of this and we're secretly planning on trying to go to another game together - MINUS our husbands.

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