Thursday, November 3, 2011

A few things....

on my To Do List.

Now that the business is handled I can finally get to work on my To Do List.

I'm a list maker.  In fact, there are little lists everywhere.

I've got a list of 35 things to do before I turn 35.  I think I've crossed off two of them.....  I've got 8 months to get crackin' on the rest of them.

I want to focus on working out again.  Every time I start training for a 5k, it lasts about a week.  I used to be a runner.  A soccer player.  An athlete.  I've let myself go.

I want to perfect the art of Clean Eating.

I want to scrapbook more.  I want to craft more in general.

I want to play trains.

I want to plan parties.

I want to volunteer more at Nicks school.  They keep asking me to do art projects.

I want to have another baby.

I want to finish setting up our house and make it ours.  That includes the new craft cave.

I want to plan parties and help people 'craft' them into something special.

I have a lot I wan to accomplish don't I?  Better get crackin'!

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