Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What wil I do with all this free time?

Whatever will I do?  I've got time on my hands now.

First, I'm taking a vacation.  I'll be flying up to Calgary to visit my dad and go to the Kings/Flames game.  I've seen hockey games in other arenas before but never MY team.  I'll be crossing something off my 35/35 list.

Next, I'm going to make a special date with my son at least once a month.  I do Ice Cream Monday with him every week which includes dinner and ice cream every Monday night.  Just Nick and I.  Sometimes I allow someone else to tag along but its going to be just him and I from now on.  And then once a month we'll do something BIG.  We did the watermelon tour at Tanaka Farms in August.  I'm thinking the strawberry tour this spring, ice skating in the mountains and so many other fun things.

Scrapbook!  Shocker right?  I found my mojo and I've been going strong.  So expect lots of shared stuff here.  And like I said, I might have some things up my sleeve so keep your eyes on this blog.

Decorate this house!  We moved in 2 years ago and I'm finally able to make it mine.  Long back story but its finally ours.  So all of the stuff I've wanted to do to it will finally get done - and that includes the Craft Cave!  Plans for that will be shared later.  So excited to get that project underway but I think I'll wait until after Christmas.

Organize my photos and albums.  I started that.  Many times.  Did I ever finish?  Wait, don't answer that.

Project Life.  Whoa!  Really?  Yeah, I did it.  I've got a lot of these WRMK page protectors sitting around just waiting for something cool.  And this box of journaling tags that fit so perfectly and look uber cute but remain unused?  I will be getting rid of them.  And my scraps of papers.  I think Project Life is the best project for me.  I don't make cards.  I'm card challenged so using my scraps for those - just makes me break out in hives.  I'm tired of giving away my supplies.  I need to use them.

Learn to Sew.  I've been saying that for over 2 years now.  My mom got me a shiny new sewing machine 2 years ago on my birthday and has it seen the light of day?  No.  I mean, I took it out and looked it over once when I got it but its been stored ever since.  I'm breaking that bad boy out and soon.  My growing pile of fabric will become something AND the super cute sewing box my mom got me THIS year on my birthday will be filled with pins, bobbins and whatever else I need.  Is it bad that I don't know what all goes into a sewing box?

Pinterest - oh yeah.  There will be pinning in 2012.

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