Thursday, June 8, 2006

Go 'Canes!

Okay, I honestly didn't think they could overpower Edmonton like they have, but with Rolie out, I don't think Edmonton can stand up to the barrage of amazing shots that Carolina is dishing out. They have some awesome kids on this team. Can't wait to see if they can keep up this pace in Game 3. That'll be in Edmonton and that building is LOUD. The game will be on NBC though, so we'll be hearing different, hopefully less cheesy comments from the announcers. In the third period, I stopped counting how many times they said "The third period is going to be nasty" or "We're going to see some nasty here" or even "Edmonton is bringing the nasty". Okay guys, word of advice - just shut up. No where does it say you have to actually talk for two and a half hours. And if you are going to speak, make sure its intelligent. I'll tell you what Edmonton did bring - frustration. A team that can normally keep their cool has finally lost it. McTavish should have kept them all in line in the third period. The goaltending is whats going to get them in the end. The fans will be devastated, but when you think about it, your team made the Finals. They are the Western Conference Champs. Win or lose, you still have that to celebrate nxt year. What do I have to celebrate? Just the rebuilding of my team, a long awaited rebuilding.

So, news on my team. Exciting news. It seems that the Kings have signed Ron Hextall as our new Assistant GM. The man is a beast. I love it. He was a goalie for several teams including the Philly Flyers. Don't ever get near his crease. He's like an Italian gangster in net - He'll take off your legs if you crowd him. He can fight (and he has), he can score (he's done that a few times too) and he is not afraid to leave his crease. Maybe we should have hired him as a goaltending coach.....
And rumor has it that the Kings are zeroing in on Zdeno Chara. Chara is also a beast. A 6 foot 9 inch beast of a defensemen - something the Kings are seriously lacking in these days. But, its just a rumor so we'll see.
Jeremy Roenick is everywhere. I thought we pretty much ran him out of town on the last night, but I guess not. From some of the comments that were made, it sounds like he may be offered some kind of deal for next year. Maybe he could work for Mike Altieri in the front office.....

So, I'm off for the next three days. Benita is coming over today and my mother is coming over tomorrow. Can you say Scrapfest??? Yep! Lots of stuff to work on. Its always great to finally be able to use some of the new stuff I received during the week. Actually I haven't scrapped for a couple of weeks now so I have lots of new product to use. Last week I was with Teresa Collins. See pics below.

The My Essentials book. So cute. Chipboard cover, painted with cream paint and decorated using Teresa's Junkitz line.

My Fathers Day mantel book. Don't think my dad reads this, so I should be okay. If not, Happy Fathers Day!! I made one other one, but I haven't finished stamping it and it doesn't have any pics in it yet. One of those projects i have to work on today. I'm also working on a brown and green version of that book and now a Basic Grey one. I love this book and I don't think I'll ever run out of ways to decorate it.

So, I said I had new products. Yes I do! Lots of them and exciting ones too.

Look at the new Prima flowers, and that ribbon. Love the ribbon. I got that green and black print one from Strictly Scrapbooking in Torrance last week. Sophia has a wide range of ribbon by the yard. And not your typical ribbon by the yard either, all kinds of fabrics and prints. I hate that she's so far away and might have to plan a monthly trip up there just to raid her ribbon stash.

More Lil' Davis Stuff. Glitter Glaze, Tinsletown flowers, rubon words and chipboard letters. Noticing all of the green and brown? Thats going to be used in my green and brown Junkitz book. Can't wait to finish that. Teresa said she wanted to see pics when it was done.

Okay, Benita should be here soon. Off to scrap!

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  1. Edmonton is a force to be reckoned with. we have won the cup 5 times in the 80's and are coming back. With the coaching staff all ex-Oilers and multiple cup winners we are going to rock this series. Watch out Carolina!

    Great new products by the way!
    Check out our site for discounts at

    Renee in Edmonton(eh!)