Sunday, June 11, 2006


I used to like Sundays, that was until I started to work. I regret taking this schedule sometimes. I miss my husband. I miss sleeping in, making breakfast and hanging out with my dog. Sundays were always quiet days made for relaxing, going to Best Buy and making dinner together. Now, I'm stuck here. It could be worse, I guess. My coworkers could be here. Human contact would be nice, but then again, no one is looking for me. No one needs my assistance. No one needs a question answered...... Still, if I could switch my schedule, I would do it in a heartbeat. Besides, the moron who shares my work schedule is a slacker. They should let him work the weekends since there is virtually nothing to do here.

Saturday and Sunday Blogger Challenges:

Saturday: Have you ever met anyone famous?

Yes! I live in LA! They're everywhere. I've met several hockey players. Lots of them! I sat next to Mel Gibson on a plane once. My mom always gets a kick out of this story. When I was in college, they booked a return flight to NY after my very short Thanksgiving break. I had to be at the airport before God was up - not my favorite thing in the world. But I got there and boarded my overbooked flight back to NY. It wasn't too bad, I was surrounded by hot college guys and a couple of them were on ther way back to West Point. Men in uniform....mmm...... I digress. So, the plane is packed and there is no empty seats except the one next to me. So, the hottie one seat over made the comment of "Maybe we'll get lucky!" All nasty thoughts aside, I knew he'd just ruined it for us. We were guaranteed a seat partner before this pressurized tube left the ground. So we waited. And we waited. Still no one, but we weren't leaving yet. Finally some very attractive, older gentleman comes dashing up the aisle. Nice eyes, a pretty blue color. Nice shoulders, strong looking. Of course, this is our seat partner.
Now, do you ever get that feeling that you've seen someone before? You know, that nagging feeling? So, some time during the flight, as I'm reading the airline magazine, I come across a picture of what appears to be the man sitting next to me. You guessed it, Mr. Braveheart was my tardy seat partner. It took a lot of nerve-getting to talk to him. Just before we landed I was able to mumble a request for an autograph and a compliment. Something every man wants to hear - "You look really good in a skirt." All I could think about was the kilt from Braveheart.

Leonardo Di Caprio was on my cousins flight when she came out to visit once. All of the daytime soap stars were on the flight. They had the Daytime Emmys' the night before in NY and they were all flying back that night. My cousin had brought us some Malomars and he noticed them. He didn't really do anything for me back then - he was too skinny - but I got his autograph for my friend who was in love with him. Too bad she screwed me over later that year. I should have kept that autograph!

There are others, but at this time of morning, they escape me.

Sundays Challenge: 5 Tools I can't live without:

My paper trimmer
Craft Knife
Cats Eye Chalks

Just basic tools. If I had too, I could complete layouts using just these items and some paper. Of course, I'm a technique fool so I have everything and like to try it at least once. So far, sewing is the only thing I can't quite seem to do. Of course, I've never been able to sew. I flunked that class in Junior High and I'm still convinced the teacher passed me so she didn't have to look at any more of sad projects. I had a friend who was awesome at his and sucked at cooking. We did trade skills a bit. I used to pay her to sew for me while I did all of the cooking the next semester. I should have saved the outfir we had to make for a final project. It would have made for some good laughs as an adult.

Only one other thing for this slow Sunday. The Hockey Game. Okay, my hockey friends, here it is. My review of the game.

Where was Carolina? Were they scared by all of the noice the Canadian fans made? I think the National Anthems were awesome. Where else would you see the fans singing the words to the anthem loud enough that the actual anthem singer didn't have to do it? Only in Canada. Really showed up the Americans if you asked me. No booing this time. Sometimes I forget, living down here in America that hockey just isn't widely accepted. In my world, its the greatest thing.
So, back to Carolina. Where were they? They seemed non-existant last night. Markkanen was amazing in goal. I don't think anyone realized that the Oilers could suck up the energy of that building and still win a game without Roloson. I think a lot of it has to do with Pronger. "I just told them to play the game and not worry about it." When asked by the announcers what he said to his team before the game, that was his response. They sure played like it was Game 1 again and they weren't down in the series. This series could very well go 7 games, although I had Carolina in 6. You heard it here first.

And what would a post game report be without the moronic rehash of the idiot that is Mick McGeough-who from here on out will be referred to as 'McPoo' because thats what his calling style is, poo. I have more respect for Kerry Fraser these days, let me tell you! The Kings were stuck with a duo of Koharski and 'McPoo' this year and thats one scary combo. Several tacos short of a combo plate. Several unsharpened knives in the drawer. This topic is closed - for now - I can feel my blood pressure rising.

At least the fans don't have to wait two days before the next game this time. I hate long layoffs and hockey fans, there is a very long layoff comig soon. The summers drag for me. Sure, we have the occasional snippet as teams sign players, but nothing as exciting as the 82 games of fury.

And now, I'm reading that the Kings have signed Ron Hextall, but no one has made it public. Why all the secrecy? Did you or didn't you? Who cares if you did? Well, I care, but they act as if they're leaking the secret handshake of the Boy Scouts or something. Attention AEG: The fans are waiting with baited breath. Let's get the rebuilding of this team underway!

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  1. hey erica!!

    well, hey!! i'm GLAD the oilers won last night!! after all, rexall place is 20 minutes from me! but i hear you on the anthem... beautiful... i was at a couple of games where some (LEWZERS) were booing and i am happy to say that so many were telling them to shut up. i was embarassed, as were many others. they put the rest of us canadians to shame! i love our anthem but i love the star spangled banner!

    anyways, good job on the blog... can't wait to see some pics!