Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay so it was Wednesday. I'm a little behind. But I hate birthdays. I'm glad its over now.
I did get some awesome presents though. My Epson scanner, the one that scans negatives and slides. Pretty awesome. I'm installing that baby now.
And to steal a line from Donna Downey, FRIENDS ROCK! Check out this little gift from my really good friend that I've known for.....well, almost forever.

A pug magnet. And a card. I love pugs. (I type this as Rascal lays at my feet snoring.......)

Too awesome. He's a Kings fan so that means he's one of the most awesome people on earth. :)

Speaking of hockey......the draft starts tonight. So, the rebuilding of the Kings is underway. We still have a few key positions to fill in the front office as well as some player movement that needs to take place. I have a few players that I would like to see bundled up in some package for a veteran defenceman or a veteran goaltender. I feel safe in my assumption that since Jason Labarbera still has one year left on his contract and Garon doesn't, that I'll be wearing my JLB jersey to Staples next year. By the sounds of the rumors, Garon is packaged up with Frolov and Brown in a deal to get Roberto Luongo from Florida. Frolov, well, I'd love to keep him, however, he's a sloth. I'm prepared to give him one more year under the new coaching staff to see if he actually is the bright player that we were all promised he is. Brown, same thing. Kid is a tank. And he can score, he proved that at the World Cup, but can he do it consistantly on the NHL level? Garon, he saved our asses several times last year, but some people question whether or not he can last the entire season. He kind of petered out in January. Well, so did the rest of the team. If JLB had stayed in his 'beginning of the season' mindset, he might have proved to be the #1 last year. I'll have to post a pic of my McDreamy, Jason Labarbera in a future post.

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