Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Blogger Challenge and other things.....

Wednesdays 2peas Blogger Challenge for today is a funny story from your wedding or other important date.

I don't really have any funny stories from my wedding. I did cry. I didn't intend to cry. It just sort of hit me. The wedding coordinator at the church ushered all of the girls to the door and down the aisle leaving me alone with my dad. Thats when it hit me. I was getting married and I had to speak in front of 100 people. Public speaking isn't my forte and I panicked. Big time panic. My dad of course, had no clue what to do and I remember him trying to figure out what was wrong. Nothing was wrong except that my nerves were in high gear. Since we were on a tight schedule, the coordinator was trying to rush me down the aisle. The only thing my dad could think of was to grab the entire box of kleenex and stuff it in his pocket. So here we come, down the aisle. My dad has a large wad of kleenex in his tux pocket, I'm bawling for no reason and the photographer is capturing all of this on film. To this day, whenever I see the minister, he remembers me as the 'crying bride'. Not exactly something you want to be remembered for.
Of course, my poor husband thought I was having second thoughts and might run. Poor guy. He held my hand the entire time and made sure I was okay. He also got to share the handful of wadded up kleenex that I had to wipe the tears.
Here's the kicker. All this time, I'm thinking "these people are staring at me. I can't speak!" I found out later that my little cousin, the ring bearer, was kicking back on the floor, pillow spinning on his index finger (a la Globetrotters basketball). Everyone was watching him and trying not to laugh. If someone had only told me that no one was paying attention, I could have relaxed a little.
The reception, well, the reception is another story. I'm a cheap drunk. All it took was a few glasses of champagne and I was dancing around the dance floor without a care in the world.

Sooo, Game 5 tonight. If Caronlina wins, they win the whole thing. It Edmonton can pull out a win, they force a Game 6 in Edmonton. Personally, it needs to go 7 gaes to be a true contest. So, we'll see......

I've been busy playing with my new camera. Awesome toy. Loving it.

Well, my coworker called in sick, yet again. I think this makes it the 4th sick day in 5 weeks now. Our schedules overlap one day a week, Wednesdays and he seems to find reasons not to come in 75% of the time. When he is here, he slacks and disappears for several hours at a time. That leaves me with the majority of the work and makes for a very long day.


  1. hey erica!

    wowee with the last couple of games!! come what may, i'm just so glad to see the oilers really play so well even when the odds have been so against them. i love it! holding my breath on monday night!!

    RIGHT ON about your XT... i got one for my 30th last year and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i'd love to take a class so i can use it to it's fullest extent... get my money's worth! take the best shots possible, you know? anyways, have fun using it... there's so much info out on the web for xt owners.

    have an awesome weekend! i'm sure you got the notification that your letters shipped, right? if not, well... they did!!

    warm regards,


  2. Just stopping in from TwoPeas to say hi! I love that story about your wedding, btw! :)

    Have a great week!