Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gift Overload

I have one busy 3.5 year old this week.  He was on overload on Christmas morning but its all evened out now.  He has a ton of new presents to play with now and that makes me happy.  I can get about an hour of work done before he comes to find me and then I have to get him engrossed in another toy.

Sometimes I sit and play with him.
Coming down the stairs.  I love the look on his face.

This is where you can see his eyes start to twitch and he starts wondering whats going on.

He saw the Mighty Machines movie and that was it!  If you have a boy, you NEED these videos.

My mom has been hiding this for my dad for almost a year.

 Poor Rascal was hiding under the dining room table.

And the loot.

He got the beanbag from my cousin on Christmas Eve.  It ended up being a bouncing thing that he used to bounce all over the house that night.

And whenever he opened clothes he'd say 'thats not mine!' and toss it back in.

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