Monday, December 6, 2010

What a great idea

Since Nick started going to a 'real' school and not just a daycare, there have been multiple chances to fundraise and help out the school.  The PSG (Parent Support Group) is SUPER active in everything the school does and I love seeing the money go back into the school and education.  Because it is a small private school, you can see the fundraising dollars give back.

I've sold fresh apple pies.  Sold wrapping paper.  Filled bags for homeless kids for Christmas.  Next week I'll work the Book Fair.

At the last PSG meeting they brought up the Box Tops for Education and said to start bringing in your box tops.  In the past, I'd seen these on the boxes of products at the store but never done anything with them.  I should have been clipping them all along.  Lord knows I'd have about $100 saved up by now.

It just so happened that the same day as the meeting, I came home and went through my blog roll and came across this fantastic idea on Katie Watsons blog.

So I grabbed my just arrived in the store October Afternoon Schoolhouse papers and went to town on a plastic container.

I like Katies better because she always gets the vintage feel but mine will do just fine.  And its hanging right next to the recycle bin at home.  That way, I can clip the box top before recycling since almost everything they come on is cardboard or plastic.

Her blog has the full tutorial.

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  1. Oh good - now I have someone to give my box tops to. I always collected them to give to my kids teachers whey they were in elementary. Now that they have moved on, I didn't have anyone to give them to.

    I saw this project on KW blog. It is super cute!!!