Sunday, December 26, 2010

The last week continued....

And then the rain came.

I ran some packages out to the mail man so he didn't have to make multiple trips.  This was during a light period in rain.  Sometimes it was darker and raining so hard it sounded like thunder.  5 straight days of this.

And then we prepared for Christmas with last minute decorations.

A gingerbread christmas tree.....

Some german straw stars for the tree.....
We went driving around to several neighborhoods in the area looking for lights.

One of the houses we saw had a light display tuned to a local radio station.  The lights were synced to the music so that flashed on and off and changed colors.  Nick had a hard time leaving that house.  PLUS, it had a train.

Have I mentioned that we've watch Polar Express (Polar Press) about 8,942,367 times this month?

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