Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now that Christmas is over.....

Its time to put the Christmas music away.  At least until next November when I cheat an start listening to it on November 1st.

Some of the songs are registering over 400 plays in my iTunes.  Yeah.

Its time for some new stuff.  I went through some songs I already had and added some new ones.  I keep a small playlist of my favorite favorite songs.  The ones I can't go anywhere without.  The 'just in case the song on the radio stinks' or 'they're playing Carrie Underwood again' backup plan.

So whats trending on my iPod/iPhone these days?

Really loving Ray Lamontagne and Brandon Flowers.  I had no idea Brandon Flowers was the lead singer for the Killers.  Explains why I can't get enough of the songs on his new album.  Helps that he's hot too.

And that obscenity laced tribute to heartbreakers can be blamed on Cori.  The clean version just wasn't good enough, I had to go all the way.  I've changed a few words and its now a tribute to my college boyfriend.  

Throw in some Glee and I'm a happy girl.

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