Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick recap of the last week.

Nicks class did another little program for us.  They sang songs again and then we had a party.  Just like the Halloween program, he was fine until he saw us and then he started crying.
I don't think he likes being on stage - thats MY kid!
 Ms. Valorie took care of him though.

 And by the time they got to Jingle Bells and he got his jingle bells, things were looking up.
 He even sang a little.  Baby steps.
And then Santa showed up!

Each class had a little party with lots of sugar!

Santa came around to each class with treats.

The parents gave Ms. Kim her present which was a gift card bundle to all of her favorite places.  Ms. Kim is the best!

Nick with Ms. Kim.

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