Friday, February 24, 2012


Giveaway reminder.  Post a comment on yesterdays post for a chance to win a flat rate box full of stuff from my giveaway pile.


Time: 1:24 AM
Location: In my craft dungeon, I mean scrap room
Eating: wheat thins
Drinking: water
Thinking: about that resume that needs writing
Wondering: if I can get it done by Monday
Wanting: to take the boy somewhere and take some random photos
Needing: more sleep
Creating: Week 7 from Project Life and a few more layouts
Listening: to a random playlist in iTunes - songs I forgot I had
Watching: the dog try to find a comfortable spot
Wishing: I was on vacation in Yosemite (27 days)

Currently is a blog feature from Tina Azsmus.

Don't forget the giveaway I posted yesterday.  I'll pick a winner tomorrow.


  1. Great list! I wish I was going to Yosemite! Love that place!

  2. I love your list! What a great idea for a layout! Love Penny

  3. This is a cool idea to make a list like this.
    I may need to nab it ;)

  4. This list is a fun idea - nd would make some cool layouts :)