Monday, February 13, 2012

Finally able to share

My new space.  I used to have this great loft space in our old house.  I had storage units and shelving that would make even the most well stocked craft room weep.  I worked 70 hours a week, made lots of money and had no time or friends to share this hobby with.  I collected.  I'd hit up a local store on my way home at least once a week and pick up new product.

When we moved, I took a serious look at what I had and only packed things I knew I was going to need/want - the rest was given away or sold.  I had no idea what was left would be in storage for 2 long years.  Two years later, I get the chance to go through what I did bring and incorporate it into my newer stash.

I was also in a temporary space until everything figured itself out in late December.  So the past month has been a cleaning process.  A setting up of the new space.  I went for functionality this time instead of the perfect space.   You know those clean, cubicle spaces.  The one I used to have.  Don't get me wrong, I loved my old space but back then, I didn't have my little group to really share it with and it was so full of my stuff that there wasn't a lot of room to fit my family in there.  My new space has room for all 3 of us and  I really like that.  

I love that everything is within reach now.  I can sit in the middle of the table and reach both sides.

On the left I have my big rack.  I've got my cardstock, current projects, random bits stored here.

And then my two desks.  (yes thats a Twilight calendar.)  My computer desk with the Silhouette is by that black chair.  I will eventually replace the folding chair with my other executive chair but I need a floor mat.
Up close:
The Rack
 Top rack has my cardstock, Project Life binder, unfinished mini albums, extra adhesives (stored in the drawer unit) and on the end are all of my empty folders and Project Life page protectors.
The second shelf down has my Martha Stewart scoring tool.  The two blue binders are stamps.  One for smaller sets and the second one for backgrounds and larger sets.  Idea books are next to that.  My floss and twine boxes and then my card box.  I've been making more cards lately so I keep my envelopes, OWH Stamp and other card stuff in there.
 I found the blue canvas box at Target.  It holds my floss collection.  I have every color from the Twinery and Divine Twine.  Even some other manufacturers in there like Doodlebug and My Minds Eye.  You can see my latest obsession is the burlap string.
My embroidery floss.  I love hand stitching but I haven't been able to access my floss.  Now its all back in the organizer and within arms reach.

On My Desk:
 I got a Pottery Barn gift card for Christmas one year.  I wanted a lot of stuff from PB but with $25 everything was just too expensive.  I opted for this piece from my favorite line and I love it.  The top of it holds my acrylic blocks for stamping and my fan.  The top drawer is my most used adhesives.  When I run out, I replenish using my backstock on the rack.  Bottom drawer is full of flair.  Right now I'm loving Shelleys flair and Chic Tags flair.
 On top of my card catalog I have two file things I found at Michaels a long time ago.  The green one holds my tiny alphas.  I'm addicted.  I didn't take a side shot so you could really see how many of them I hoard.  I love the MME ones and my newest addiction are the Authentique tiny stickers.  The smaller file next to that holds my brown bags, file folders and mini kraft envelopes.
 And those are on top of this massive thing.  I've wanted a card catalog for a long time and my mom found one on ebay a while back.  It was local so she didn't have to deal with shipping because this thing is heavy!  And the previous owner cut down this sheets of wood to put in the bottom of each drawer so you could actually use them.  I used each drawer to house my inks and embossing powders.  Each drawer is a different color.  I sold some of my older stuff before the move so I have my four basics: Zing Embossing powders, Jenni Bowlin ink pads/reinkers and Tim Holtz Distress pads and Staz-on pads.  I'm sire more will be added over time.
On my side desk I have the rest of my stuff.  A jar of candy for the current holiday.
 My Clip It Up is back in action.  My poor alphas have been neglected.
 Underneath the desk is my box for kit storage.  This is an Ikea box for the Expedite.  Its perfect to hold my kits.  I am working on actually using my Studio Calico kits instead of just absorbing them into my outrageous stash.  I have about 7 months in there right now with room for 2 more.  I have one on my desk being used currently and its getting killed this week.  I just got the latest kit in the mail on Wednesday.  The front baggie is my 12x12 alphas.  I keep them in there because I don't have anywhere else right now.
 On top of the desk I have my Project Life file.  This is about 2/3rds of my journal card stash.  The rest I put up for sale last week.  It was ridiculous how many I have.  they are all in my file and brand.  So all of the Project Life cards are together, my Chic Tags are together etc.
 Another Target find.  It came with the hanging file folders.  Each one holds rubons, diecuts, border stickers etc.   I used to have drawers full of this stuff before the move.  I'm so proud that I can fit it all in one of these and my goal is to keep using so that I can always fit it in there.
 And my latest addition.  This is from Harbor Freight.  I painted it robins egg blue and I love it.  More items are stored in this thing instead of in closed up plastic totes.  I need to see it to use it.  So far, I've reached for the Washi tape twice since setting the room up last week.  Also stored on this sucker are my stickles, Mister Hueys, cat's eye chalks, bling/pearls.
 On the other side of the room I have the tower of punches.  Sadly, I have sizes and shapes missing and I'll be filling in the holes this year.  Having these within arms reach has made me use them more as well.
 One of the bottom shelves on the rack.  This is right next to me and is just below the level of the table.  I keep my paper trimmers right there.  Off my desk but within reach.   Right next to that is a box of ribbon and my sewing supplies.  Next to that is another box with mini albums.  I have more stuff on the bottom shelf like my camera bag, embossing tools, glitter/micro beads (anything I don't use enough to justify having them where I'd need them.)
I still have a few more things to organize and put in place but this is my main space.  Next to the punch tower will be my sons little table.  He likes my punches so he'll be able to reach over and get one.  He does 'work centers' at his table.  Thats what they call them at school.  I bought a bunch of books from the local teacher supply store and I work with him at home.

I'll take pictures of the rest of the room later.  What you see was my challenge.  I needed to get this set up so I wasn't sitting at the dining room table anymore.  It got to be a pain when holidays rolled around and I had to clean up some major mess.


  1. I always love to see how others organise their room. Good to have some space for your son to joing you. My boys always love to sit with me i have a doodle calender hanging in my room, which asks for a drawing a day. so thats mainly what they do in this room.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love looking at scraprooms!!! I got some good organizing ideas.

  3. Awesome space! It is so great once you realize that your room needs to be function over form. It changed the way I scrap.

  4. Great job at all the organizing you've done--everything looks great. I'd love to come over and dig around in everything! :)

  5. I too enjoy reading about how others organize. And I am so drooling over that card catalog!! Lucky you! Enjoy!

  6. It looks great. The thing that stood out in your post was how you could reach everything from just sitting at your desk.
    It sounds like your set up will help foster the creation of lots of layouts!

  7. Looks like you have lots of goodies! I have to think about putting in shelves like you have.

  8. I love how your store your alphas (regular and tiny). Your space is lovely!

  9. Thank you for a fantastic tour around your space - it looks fantastic.

  10. Looks great! Glad you finally have your space. I am working on a re-do, re-org, and purge of my craftroom too. I saw that spinner thing from HF on scrappyjedi's blog. I think I need one :P

  11. Great space you have there.
    I have the same floss holder and it got dumped. I just chucked everything back in. It was all organized by colour :(

  12. Looks great! I have those same shelves in my scrap room! Enjoy your new space!

  13. looks amazing!!! can't wait to see it in person!

  14. I love looking at other scrappers creatve spaces! Yours is fabulous! I totally understand about wanting a place where your family and friends can join you...great space girly!!!!