Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We are not a football family.  My dad is a Giants fan so we watched it for him.  Wish he could have been here with us but he's working out of the country right now but we all have iPads and use Facetime to keep in touch.

Facetime brought us all together last Sunday.  We set 'dad' up on a tv tray so he could see all of us as we sat around the tv watching the game.  (The guys watched the game and the girls crafted.  I scrapped and my mother and grandmother worked on their knitting projects.)

I made a cupcake display for the game too.
 I downloaded the logos for both teams from the internet and then printed them out.  I used candy sticks to wrap the flags around.

 I found a chocolate football mold online but didn't realize how big they were.  This was only my second time making candy shapes for cupcakes and I learned a lot both times.


  1. Oh my goodness...those cupcakes look yummy. So nice that although your DH was away, the rest of your family gathered together.

  2. WOW! Great lookin' yummy cupcakes!!

  3. Wow! Clever idea with the cupcakes! Might have to try that next year! It was pretty cool that even though your dad wasn't there, he could interact and be a part of the action.