Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Recap

N had his Valentines Party at school this week.  I'm the class photographer so I get to be there for all the fun stuff.

I used store bought valentines this year and then spiced them up with a treasure chest and goodies from Oriental Trading Company.  You can see that post here.

I had to beg and plead for him to wear the pink polo shirt.  He was with me when I bought it and said he liked it.  He won't wear it now.  But I somehow managed to get it on him for a few minutes today.

He got a special breakfast at McDonalds this morning and when we got to school, he wanted to finish his OJ with Mrs. Irma.
I ran over to the Bake Sale and dropped off my second round of cupcakes and whoopie pies for the second day of the sale.

Then the fun began.  The class did their usual morning thing and then the party started.  On Monday, they made sugar cookies.  Tuesday, they decorated them with whipped cream and sprinkles.

They did a little Valentines Art and made their Valentines bags.

Then it was time to exchange Valentines.  They are learning about the mail system this week and N's teacher is a mail carrier.  He let her borrow one of his shirts for the kids to wear.

Each one got a chance to be the mail person and deliver their Valentines.
Tuesday is also N's share day.  He brought in his Polar Express book - which is his current favorite book.

As soon as my duties in class were over, I rushed home and started making dinner.  I used my heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out heart shaped potatoes.  I used the negative space too.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for roasted potoatoes and modified it a little.  I slice the potatoes fairly thin and then bake them in the over with garlic salt and olive oil. 

Everyone had valentines plates and heart swirly straws.

Dessert were cupcakes (shocker!) and See's Candy.  The candy is a tradition thats been around for almost 60 years - maybe longer.  My grandfather started buying the 1 pound heart shaped boxes back in the 50's for my mom and grandma.  Every year, they got one.  We still get one, every year.

One year my grandparents went to Hawaii the week of Valentines and we didn't get our boxes.  That was the only year too.  He's made sure that if they go away, he buys ahead of time and leaves them for us to find.  Each year, Nick has received his heart shaped box and digs right in.

Now that the holiday and bake sale are over, I can focus on getting my layouts and cards photographed.  I've got a stack ready to go but haven't had the time (during daylight hours) to get pictures.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day and the photos are awesome

  2. Aww that is super sweet story about the heart boxes! N is so cute!Great post!

  3. so cute! You took so many great photos!

  4. Fun day, loved helping my girls classes out :)
    I think your son looks very nice in his pink shirt :)
    What a great way to transport those cupcakes !