Friday, February 17, 2012

Ready to create

So now that the room is 90% finished I'm ready to create in there.

My goal this year was to actually use my Studio Calico kits.  I'm really good about buying the main plus some add ons every month but I never use them.  Part of that has been time and lack of creativity.  And with CHA just past I have a very long shopping list.  As Stop and Scrap gets more items in for pre-order I'm over there placing orders.  Its nice to know I can spread it out and it will all just start trickling in.

I keep 6 months kits in a crop bag and then when my crate fills up, I break them apart and put them in with the rest of my supplies.  When that happens, I never see the stuff again until I purge.  Not good.

So I've challenged myself in 2012 to use my kits.  I've already killed off one kit and I'm very close to killing a second with a third kit in the works.  I've promised myself that if I can accomplish this, I'll allow myself to use the brand new, just arrived kit - Daydream Believer.

Remember those cool beach shots I took?  Well, I scrapped some of them.

 I used an old Page Maps sketch for this one.  (source)

For this one, I just let the paper guide me.  The shot isn't the greatest because of the glare and lighting but its one of the few I have of  myself with N.  I definitely need more of those and I've been trying to get in front of the camera more these days.

Trying to use up some scraps and more paper in the kit.  Using another Page Maps sketch (source).

And then there were those 23 cards I told you about.  More just trying to use what I have. so I don't have to keep it.

 Pink Paislee paper with Amy Tan chevron fabric paper
 Some older Echo Park.  Trying to use up the stickers I didn't use on layouts last year.
 Paper is from a Studio Calico postcard that came in a kit.
 Another one using a Studio Calico Postcard.
 More Echo Park and Pink Paislee.
 Saw a cute card on Pinterest last week.
I made a lot of cards like this.  I had an entire sheet of those Sassafras Lass Foldies.  I'm not a flower person so these were hard to use.  With the deadline for Mothers Day cards coming up at OWH I threw them on some paper and added a banner.  Done.  Nothing fancy.

Next up, Project Life update.  I've got 3, maybe 4 weeks to share.


  1. wow you girl - you have been busy!

    i too love stop and scrap--on my blog i have a discount code for 10% your entire order if you ever need it!

  2. Your layouts are fabulous!!! Super cute cards too!!

  3. Everything is so gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow you've been busy. Great layouts and cards. Makes me want to go scrap.

  5. Great layout! Love that you are using scraps to make cards. Those cards are really cute! Love the tie!

  6. i love the yellow layout! you cards are fun too. I am also trying to use the stuff i have iso collecting more :), but with all those cha pictures it is not easy!

  7. well, you have been busy!!! Everything looks great :)

  8. Wow, you've been busy! I love all the different chevron prints on that first layout!

  9. Oh my, your first layout is so similar to the one I made last night! I haven't uploaded that layout yet but you should check my blog this weekend. They're so similar it's hilarious!