Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project Life Catchup

I'm behind.  I know.  I own it.  I knew this project was going to kick my butt this year but I'm going to do it.  I've failed on 4 December Dailys too.  I can't quite 'get into' the DD though.  I get the concept and I like it but I've never completed one.

But Project Life is different.  I want to sit down each week and get my pages together.  Each week I learn a little something and I adapt as I work on future weeks.  I'm learning what works for me and what doesn't.

I have my journal card holder.  It has all of my cards and odds and ends that I think might work for PL.  I also have stickers and other things in my room that I pull from.  If you click on the Project Life tag at the bottom of the post you can see previous weeks and how I organize.

So, catching up.  I don't remember sharing week 4 so here it is.
I'm really loving the Chic Tags calendar cards.  I bought a couple of sets so I can stick them in occasionally and note the actual date of the week.

 When I have something big to go in a pocket (like a brochure) I just punch holes and stick it in the week.  We went snow tubing in the mountains this week and we ate at the Habit for the first time.
 Celebrating my husbands birthday a little late (we were out of town on the actual day).  Our snow tubing pictures as well as a picture of the Lego house N made his hermit crabs.

I included random stuff from the week like the box of Pop Secret popcorn.  N and I have movie nights where we go to bed a little early and watch a movie together while eating popcorn.  I'm going to make sure I document some of the things we do on a weekly basis like Ice Cream Mondays and Doughnut Fridays.  But more on that later.

Week 5

 Crocheted star is from an Etsy shop.

More Chic Tags.

I'm still working on weeks 6 and 7 but I'll get those posted in a couple of days.

And I said I was adapting things as I go along.  I saw this on a blog somewhere and had to do it.  I hoard my products and that means I hoard my punches too.  I have drawers of them but hardly ever pull them out.  When I saw this idea using the new Jenni Bowlin tab punch I ran over to the computer and printed up a sheet of dates.

And to add in some specials sheets of paper like the school calendar for the month of January (we get one each month) and some of my sons handwriting practice sheets.

Since I knew I was going to fail, I mean fall behind, on this project.... I had to come up with ways to keep track of stuff.  I have a plastic 8.5x11 page protector sitting on my desk as a catch all.  I throw things in from the week (parking receipts, product info etc.  In the front, I have this calendar:

I downloaded it from a free printable site and I printed off the entire year.  (I also have a copy for the blog too).  I use it to plan and take notes.  My blog one is a schedule of what posts I've done, what I want to post about etc.  The Project Life pages contain notes.  What we did.  So when I go back to pull out pictures and memorabilia, I know what week it was.  I was 4 weeks behind and this helped tremendously.

I know there are some great PL things floating around but I'm in love with stuff from Marcy Penner right now.  She offers printable cards:

Printable page planners:

And then I purchased some things from the Silhouette store to include:

Oh and these from 2 Peas Digital Shop:

Also, I'm thinking about adding inLinkz to my blog.  Anyone have any experience?


  1. well,, my goodness - you have been busy! your system is quite impressive and your pages look great!

  2. Like the way you organise it all to keep on track. Love the punch, I was a bit sad i didnot order it, niw i have to wait untill it arrives in The netherland.

  3. I have to give you credit for continuing!! GOOD FOR YOU!! Great pages btw! Love that crocheted star - wow!

  4. everything is looking awesome, Erica!!!

    ps : that's not my handwriting on those tags i stitched. the font is Learning Curve :)

  5. I'm impressed- I know I have to keep notes! I really do but life gets in the way yadda yadda yadda. :) This looks fantastic- I just started using smaller size pockets this week and I love the look but it is a bigger commitment. That Silhouette is calling my name- maybe for Christmas? Beautiful color and pattern mix in these entries!