Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sitting in the 405 freeway in traffic. It's raining. We're in our way home from a fabulous (and fast) 5 day trip around California. We started out early last Wednesday and made our way up the middle of the state headed for Yosemite.

After a couple of days there we cut over to Monterey and then worked our way down the California coast. I'm sad to be headed home only because I loved this trip. I have never been to Yosemite before so it was a new experience.

My grandparents took me on a lot of road trips as a kid and I hope to do the same with N.

I've spent so much time in a car this week and I've done everything. Pinned on pinterest. Facebooked. Checked out blogs. I have lots of comments to leave when I get home. I had lots of issues trying to leave comments on my phone for those with word verification.

So I downloaded the Blogger app and decided to give it a try!

I noticed the app doesn't load my pictures in order. Oh well! Just a few captured with my phone.


  1. Beautiful pics! Happy travels!

  2. WOW, those are BEAUTIFUL pics! Looks like a really good time!

  3. These photos are awesome!! Did you take these with your phone ?!?
    sounds like a great trip to me, I love road trips.

  4. WOW! These pictures are amazing. Yosemite has been on my bucket list for at least 10 years now- every picture I see makes me want to go more. I LOVE the mini sneak on your latest post- that mini car clip is ADORABLE!! Where is it from? I loved the tiny squirrel in the Sc kit but logged in too late to get my own- I would love to find a source for both. :) Thanks for swinging by my blog today!