Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Skating update

Just a reminder that today is the last day to leave a comment on The Stringery giveaway.  I'll pick a winner tomorrow morning.

The boy is doing really well in his skating lessons.

Both of his coaches say he's improving each week.  Included in the class fee was a free public session admission each week.  We are taking full advantage of this and practicing.  He has improved so much over the 3 lessons and I'm so proud of him.

He's determined.

He sees the other kids (who have been skating longer) doing these drills and wants in on the action.  I'm proud to report that he was able to play along with them this week.  Red light, green light?  Yep!  Swizzle sticks? Yes!  Skating a circle around the cone?  You bet!  Jumping?  Why not?

He asks me every day when I pick him up at school if we are going skating and there are a few tears when I tell him its not his day to skate.  Right now, lessons are Mondays and I take him for a free skate on Wednesday.

His coaches both said to get him geared up soon so he gets the feel of equipment on him AND it helps build strength too.  So when we get back from vacation there will be a little trip to the local store to get some shoulder pads, pants, shin guards.....

Then, in the fall, he'll be ready to play hockey.  He'll be a Termite.  In August I can register him in the USA Hockey program.  This summer he'll take more lessons so he's up to speed with the rest of the kids.

When I told him all of this, he got really excited.  He's sleeping with his hockey stick and helmet tonight.  he wanted to wear the helmet but I didn't think that was such a good idea.  ;)


  1. oh what great photos!!!! how adorable!

  2. Oh I do hope you got a photo of him sleeping with the hockey stick!!! He is too cute and what a little go-getter. Sweet boy!

  3. Look at him go! He is just to cute.
    It's adorable how excited he is. Who knows? You might just have a future pro on your hands. ;)

  4. Awww that is so sweet.
    Funny as here, you just go to the outside rink and learn to skate.
    I am sure they have these learn to skate programs here.
    We are a big hockey town.

  5. @Tracy - yeah we're a little deprived down here. I took him skating on an outdoor rink in Calgary in January. He loved it! He tells his friends at home all about it when they skate.

  6. Wow, this brings back memories. Our son was quite the little baseball player back in the day! Enjoy this, it goes by so fast!

  7. He looks adorable on those skates! My grandson plays football and I don't know who is more excited for the season to start, me or him! Love Penny Scrap-ahoilc.blogspot.com