Friday, March 9, 2012

A little gardening

Since Spring arrived a little early...oh who am I kidding?  We never had Winter.

INstead of 65 degree days, we're now in a heat wave - 80-85 degree days.  Since it was so 'nice' outside this weekend we did a little backyard cleanup and planting.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at N's school and one of the things we had to bring in was 2-3 small plants.  I picked up some pansies at Lowe's on Sunday and since they were so cheap, I got a few packs of them.

I figured they would look great in out little planter by the front door AND we had a few left over for his teacher.  Win-Win.

While daddy hosed off the back yard we planted the pansies.

We also planted the Truffula tree seeds we got from IHOP a couple of weeks ago.  They have the Lorax breakfast right now and with each kids meal, you get a Truffula seed thing.

So our trees are planted.  We ate there again to get more but I think they ran out.  Since he enjoyed it so much, I'm going to get him to plant more with me this year.  I'm thinking herb garden if I can find the right place in the teeny, tiny backyard.  Our little postage stamp sized lot is barely big enough for the house here in CA.  Must add that to my list of reasons for moving!

Then we cleaned up the back yard.  N got a new mini rake at Lowe's.  I need to go back and get him the mini shovel and hoe for Easter presents.
Just a couple of shots of some flowers blooming right now.


  1. great photos--

    we never really had a winter either--last year we had over 30 inches of snow but this year 2 inches--very weird!!!

    have a great weekend

  2. What happened to winter?!!
    Not that I am complaining, but you are right. We never truly had one.

    Love that little rake. I know my Erin would like that :)

  3. Your pics are making me want to go out there and garden....and put down some pre-emergence weed control on the lawn. Ready for spring!