Thursday, March 8, 2012

Your 2026 draft pick.......

I promise I'm not one of 'those' mothers.  I come from an athletic family.  We all played at least one sport.  But we're all women.  7 generations of women.  We did what women did in those days - married and had families.  My mom got a job (the first) and I actually went to college.  Our sports stopped.

And then my son was born.  The first male born into the family and not married in.  He was born with sports running through his blood.

 He made his own t-ball setup.
 Playing hockey with his plastic golf clubs - this picture will not flip for some reason......
 Football - He was 14 months old here.  We bought him a 5 pack of mini sports balls at Costco and took him to the park.  He played with each one but soccer and football were his favorites.  We did not train him on the football.  He simply picked it up and started running.  All the men in the family commented on his perfect form.

And today.......
he's still into every sport but he loves hockey.  My hockey loving heart loves that he does too.  He started hockey lessons last week but we've been playing street hockey for a while now.

 These last two pictures are of him doing the 'Pumper-nicholl'.  The Kings used to have a played named Bernie Nicholls who, whenever he scored, would do this move.  He'd kind of get down on one knee and fist pump.  I can't find a picture or video of it to link but N had just seen a video during a tribute night and was doing the 'pumper-nicholl' in the street.
 Getting his new stick taped up by Great-Grandpa - he was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs at 15 and played hockey until his 73rd birthday.  He had to 'retire'.

 Another goal celebration.

 Trying to figure out why his stick has no curve.  We aren't sure whether or not he was right or left handed so we bought him a straight stick.  His other stick (the collectors item, autographed, Drew Doughty stick) has a curve.

And now he's learning how to skate.....


  1. such awesome photos... can't wait to see the projects you create with them... Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, 7 generations of women? He must be the most spoiled grandson on the face of the planet! Woo hoo!

    He's so cute and adorable. Seeing these pics bring a smile to my face. I have a baby boy too, and I often wonder what innate talents he has. So far he doesn't look very athletic, so we'll see haha!

  3. I see a future professional hockey player in the making!! He's a cutie and I love proud mommy moments! :)