Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I spent St. Patricks Day

It was uneventful really.

I had planned dinner but then my husband told me he had to work and my grandparents had a play to go too.  I thought about canceling dinner but instead I moved it to Sunday night.  Good thing too because my friend offered me his seats to the Kings game that night.

He's got good seats too.

I immediately sent a text to two of my friends checking their schedules.  My friend Mandy got back to me and said she was free so we made it a date!  She had a baby last year and doesn't get out as much as she'd like.  After a little juggling, we handed our kids off to the grandmas and met up at the game.

Since it was St. Patty's Day we decided to have a green beer.  Sorry, no pictures!

We met up with some friends at the ESPN Zone LGK Penalty Box.  Its a special area in the bar for a message board I belong too.  Lots of crazy fun going on and no, no pictures.  :)

I had my green beer, saw some old friends and headed over to the game.  I used to have season seats of my own but then life got in the way.  Its not easy making it to 42 games a year with a newborn.  Or a toddler for that matter.  We tried but it wasn't easy.  So I reluctantly let them go.  My husband isn't a hockey fan but I've been one my entire life.  Those seats were my dream. 

Mandy also used to have seats - before her baby.

The laser light show before the game:

The Kings scored early.  We were sitting in the end where the Kings shoot twice so we saw all 4 goals.

Sorry, all we had were our iPhones.
 Our goalie Jonathan Bernier.

I've been a member of this message board for the team since 2003.  I've met a lot of fun people through there and we meetup when we go to the games.  I used to be a regular but then, life..... you know.

So it was nice to head to the regular meetup spot to see a few more old friends.
And mess around a little!
Then it was back to our seats for the 3rd period.  The Kings scored 3 goals to clinch the lead and gain 2 points in the standings.  They were in 10th place and making that final playoff push.

 Kings with the win over the Predators 4-2.
 Our mascot Bailey leading the cheering.
Dinner on Sunday was low key.  I made Shephards Pie and cupcakes.
On Saturday, the Leprechaun came and surprised Nick with a few things around the house.
First, he left a trail of glitter, confetti and gold coins leading to his bathroom.

He was bouncing off the walls when he saw this.  I did this to all 3 toilets in the house so he eventually found them all and then told anyone who would listen what the Leprechaun did.

Saturday morning, after the big cleanup or glitter and green water.... we had Lucky Charms.  Original right?  How about some green milk to go with those Lucky Charms?  My husband wouldn't touch the green milk but N loved it.  'Daddy, it tastes just like regular milk!'  I'm not sure if he was expecting something else.

He was concentrating on those gold coins. 

And thats how we spent our St. Patricks Day around here.

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