Friday, June 1, 2012

Celebrating royal style

I bet you thought this was going to be a post about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee right?


This past Wednesday we celebrated game one of the Stanley Cup Finals between the New Jersey Devils and *my* Los Angeles Kings.

Its been 19 years since the Kings have been in a final series and 45 years with no Stanley Cup win at all.  This team is the Sox of the West.  We have some kind of curse.

So this year when they looked really good on paper but blah on the ice, we fans stuck with them as usual but were secretly disappointed yet again that the amazing team on paper sucked on the ice.

And when they barely made the playoffs coming in 8th seed, we figured it would be another first round exit.  Just days before they'd been sitting in first place of the West but because it was such a close race this year.

And now, 2 months later they are playing in their first Finals series in 19 years.  I have goose bumps just typing it.  (Sorry Mary Jo!)  To celebrate, we held a game watch party for game one (planning one for game two this saturday too!).  I made a big dinner and then we had some royal cupcakes for dessert.  Plates, silverware etc was all in Kings colors thanks to Party City.

I didn't get too crafty except for the cupcake toppers.

I found some hi-res images of players in action and printed them out.  I sat cutting the intricate people during my sons skating lesson that day and then glued them to candy sticks.   I think it looks like they're all skating around the Cup, even Bailey, the teams mascot.

Anyway, that was the most crafty endeavor for me this week because I'm fighting off a mild case of bronchitis and pneumonia.  My crafty mojo is hiding somewhere.  I have lots of saved up projects from past weeks to share so don't worry.  The blog will not be dark for too long!

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  1. What a fun way to decorate the cupcakes.Lots of football going on here as the european matches start new week. so lots of orange colors everywhere in the netherlands. Have fun watching the final matches