Monday, June 18, 2012

Our life revolves around......

hockey.  If you haven't figure it out yet, then you must not spend a lot of time here.  ;)

I took these last week.  My son is a social butterfly at the rink and he makes friends every time we're there. Last week he met Z.  He and Z were ALL over the ice which was good for him.  It pushed him to skate harder.  Normally he's stopping to talk to the little girls - he's kind of a ladies man and at 5, that worries me.

So I've had a little talk with him and he seemed to listen because last week, he hung out with 'the boys'.  The boys being a bunch of other boys his age all dressed up for hockey lessons.

Z's mom was happy he found a friend too because he won't skate unless she's out there.  The two boys chased each other around the ice for over an hour and to say they were tired at the end was an understatement.


  1. He's adorable! You had me chuckling at your comment about him being a ladies man at five. :)

  2. He is such a cutie.
    My nephews and nieces were all really into hockey when they were younger as well.
    So I have been to the rink many times.
    Glad your son is enjoying himself :)

  3. He is so cute! Looks like he enjoys the ice!

  4. Too cute! He's getting so very big! Glad you've been able to get crafty as well!