Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Follow up to WOYWW 6/6

I really wish I could get Blogger to update to the version where I can reply to posts!

I left comments on as many blogs as I could get too!  Sorry!

To answer some questions.

Train Whistle:  My son leaves things in here.  Usually its an actual train but today it was the whistle.  ;)  Last week I had an entire Thomas the Train setup under there.

The Kings - the Los Angeles Kings to be exact.  I'm am a HUGE hockey fan.  Fan might be an understatement.  I live and breath this team and I have since I was born.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, my family has been around since day 1.  My grandfather (A former pro hockey player in Toronto) worked as a goal judge for the team.  So my mom and her sister grew up at the Forum.  Then I came along and I became the next generation rink rat.  I went to my first game at 2 months old.  There is a lot of history there.  The team had never been to the Finals until 1993.  They lost.  Its been 19 years and now they're back.  So to say this is huge is also an understatement.  They had a chance to sweep the New Jersey Devils tonight but didn't get it done.  I'm not too worried since their perfect on the road in the playoffs.  Too bad they couldn't win it here tonight so we could all celebrate but I'll take a win whenever, wherever.

The teal tool carousel on my desk.  Its a tool thing from Harbor Freight.  Here's a direct link to the thing.

Spinning Rack

And here is a picture I posted back in February when I shared my room:

I painted it using some Teal/Robins Egg Blue spray paint.  You can kind of see what I have stored in it.  And yes it spins!  Someone asked that.  I keep my Mister Hueys and masks in the top, washi tape takes up the entire second tier.

And my Calendar - Its a Twilight one.  I'm horrible about changing the months.


  1. Awesome spinning rack! I love the color!

  2. I remember you posting that spinner....thanks for the link. I'm thinking I will have a new friend in my scrap area...wink wink!! LOL!

  3. I am not a big hockey fan..shhhh they may kick me out of Canada for admitting that, lol.
    Looks like your carousel, holds a lot of goodies :)