Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eat At Joe's

I am not a seafood person.  So when I see a restaurant named 'Joe's Crab Shack' I look the other way.  I just don't do seafood.

When my dad came home from Calgary for Fathers Day Weekend, they had reservations at Joe's with some friends.  These people *really* wanted to meet Nick and my dad hates spending any extra time away from him when he's home so we went with them.

I'm so glad we did!  The food was excellent and they had a whole non-seafood section on the menu.  Plus, the decor and entertainment was excellent!

I didn't have my good camera with me, so hopefully you can get through this post with some crappy iPhone pics.

 I'm sorry, but the them!
My dad will kill me for this one!
 Turns out my parents friends were watching their twin grandsons for the weekend so N had some little people to entertain.  He's a wiz on the iPad so he gave them a lesson.  They are now addicted to the Thomas learning games.  Turns out they are also freakishly addicted to Thomas the Train - just like N.  So there were 3 babbling train addicts huddled in the corner talking trains all night.


  1. looks like fun!! i love seafood!!

  2. Great photos! Love the bibs. I am so with you on the seafood thing. If it swam, it does not cross my lips...