Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Learning to drive

I thought it would be a few years before I had to worry.  The other night, I parked my car in front of our driveway behind another car parked on the curb.  Illegal, yes but its also our house.  No one complains.  When the visitors leave, we pull my car up.  No biggie.

N likes to sit in the front seat while I move the car up the 10 feet.  This particular night, he wanted to sit on my lap.  Since I can't really drive like that and we live in the middle of a quiet complex, we let him 'steer' while my husband worked the pedals.  We made sure we had control of the car at all times.


  1. OMG. Love that cheeky grin! And there is going to be a fun layout from this I'm sure :)

  2. Love these pictures, he looks so proud!