Monday, August 20, 2012

Tanaka Farms

I snuck in a quick trip to Tanaka Farms again this month.  Its watermelon season and they have a great tour.  I always forget about the strawberry tour in the spring.....

We got every fall with N's school trip and do the pumpkin tour.  Its a lot of fun.  I'm too lazy to link back to past years.

 The best part of this tour is, they hand you fresh picked fruits and veggies.  Literally picked that morning.  And you aren't limited to just one, they hand each family a fistful of stuff.  So we each ate 3-4 carrots, almost a bushel of tomatoes......
 At the very end of the tour, they take you to a covered area and the driver cuts up even more.  Cucumbers, zucchini, saticoy, red and yellow watermelon, squash.....

 and get to wander the watermelon patch.

 At the end, you get a watermelon to take home!
 Someone is just too cool.

 Oh and they have a farmers market right there.  So you can buy anything they grow!

Looks good right?


  1. oh my what wonderful photos!!! looks like a fun fun time!

  2. Those fruit & veggie photos look amazing! How fun!