Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stacking up

I wish it were layouts that have been stacking up in this house but sadly, no.  But the Studio Calico kits have been!

Thats not good.  My kit box..... full.

I currently have the last 10 kits in this box.  I've used up some of the contents but when you buy at least one odd on each month, those crop bags fill up fast.

I have two crop bags left which means I have two months left to start using up these kits.  Expect to see a lot of vintage kit goodness on this blog coming up.  ;)


  1. Well at least you will have loads of options once you start scraping with them! Plus if you open the older ones first it will be a nice surprise to see stuff!

  2. girl, you need to get scrappin! lol!! looks like some fun goodies!

  3. of the reasons I stopped subbing. I did use up a few kits, but towards the end not so much :)
    Looking forward to seeing your layouts!

  4. You can do it!! Power scrapping!

  5. Need inspiratation? I took a class at 2peas and forced myself to do 3 layouts per lesson, or what some process videos on youtube (or Shimelles NSD video). You can do it!

  6. I just joined and I am really trying to kill my main and the three addons before September gets here...I hope I can.