Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Speaking of trains.....

We took Nick on a train ride last weekend.  It was a reward for being a big boy and working through the issues he has with me going back to work.  Its been hard for all of us but its getting better.  He still doesn't have much of an appetite though and that worries me.

But for one day at least, he was back to normal.

We took the Metrolink from our local station down to Oceanside, had lunch and rode back.  (And we found a cool timeshare right by the train station in Oceanside where we can stay the next time we go down.)

All photos are unedited.

 They had these cool table seats in each car with 4 seats facing each other and a table in the middle.  Amtrak has 4 seats together - no table.  So this was cool!  We took our own snacks and ate them on the ride down.
 San Clemente.

 San Clemente Pier.

 Pulling in to Oceanside.
 Its been so hot here.  In the high 90's and low 100's hot.  Yes, even by the beach.  We live about 5 miles inland and its been almost unbearable.  It was overcast but humid, very humid.  Better than sun beating down on you but still miserable.
 Walking the pier with a friend.  She lives in Oceanside and we met her down there for lunch.  The Oceanside pier is just steps from the train station.

 Some guy was using sand crabs as bait......

 This sign gets me.  I need this printed on a shirt!

All this train fun wears a kid out.


  1. wonderful photos and what a fun day!

  2. we took a train ride from TX to CA when my son was a year and half it was fun.

  3. Wonderful photos. What a great trip. I have always wanted to live near the beach

  4. What a great idea!
    And you got some really great photos from your trip :)