Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finding the time, advice needed and a few fun things thrown in.....

I'm sure we all have this issue.  Finding the time to be creative.

I used to have all the time in the world but no inspiration.  No 'mojo' to do anything.  I finally dug my way out of that hole and was creating like crazy.

Then I went back to work.  Its been almost 6 years since I had a 'dress up and go to work' kind of gig and while its fun to be back in the middle of everything in the corporate world again (and that paycheck is kind of cool too!) it leaves me with very little time and energy to craft.  I fit in an hour or two here and there and the end results are some really cool mini album or layout.

Finding the time (and light) to photograph the ideas and get them posted here is a whole 'nother story.  ;)

Throw in a vacation and that birthday party and you have utter chaos!

The vacation was priceless and the birthday party was a success - despite having a sick kid.  Wanna see?

 I made cupcakes.  All those batches of cupcakes and frosting during the playoffs were test rounds for these.  And I *finally* found that Wilton star tip I was looking for.  Check out that frosting job!

 After much stress over the mascot, he showed.  It was touch and go there for a few weeks but it all worked out.
 He entertained us for 30 minutes - and this lion knows how to entertain.  He also brought my son a bag of Kings shwag and autographed photos for the kids.

 Thats N's skating coach.  He's a Ducks fan (poor guy).  Bailey made sure to show him a little love before telling him to 'change his jersey'.   Then Coach Nick gave the kids (and parents) a quick skating lesson on the ice.  It was his birthday present for Nick.  Yes, they have the same name.  I think that may be why Nick loves Coach Nick so much.  Its going to be a sad day when Nick is too old to have Coach Nick.
 Even I got some love from the lion.
 I had totally planned on having the 'Cup' there and there was so much excitement I forgot.  At the very last minute I remembered so we snapped a few pictures with the Cup before he left.  The rink has a fake Stanley Cup for the kids hockey programs.  Bailey was very excited to see it.
My friend Brian.  We've known each other for......nevermind.  That would make me sound old if I told you that.  ;)

And now for the advice portion.......

I'm open to any and all advice right now on how to handle this.  My son is upset that I went back to work.  Not just your normal 'I miss my mom' kind of thing, he won't eat, he makes himself so sick that he throws up.  This is *not* my kid.  He's not a clinger.  He's *very* independent so this behavior is shocking me.  I have kept up our 'date' nights on Mondays.  Ice Cream Mondays.  Just N and I go out to dinner and then we get ice cream.  I spend all kinds of time with him on the weekends to make up for the time I miss during the week.  But he's physically sick.  My mom has stepped in and is taking care of him when he's not in school so he's not just left there.  She picks him up early, gets him to skating practice and does fun stuff with him.  Right now, he only goes to school (summer camp) 3 days a week.  I knew there would be an adjustment period but this is extreme.

And now its back to the craft cave!!

I have a few new things that are keeping me going right now.

A couple of classes. ( I love that they are self paced!)  I'm signed up for the Summer Stamp School and Pop Off The Page.  Oh, and I also signed up for their new Card Kit.  Maybe I can fill a box with cards for the troops again.

Some new Silhouette files.  (Kerri is having a sale right now.  25% off orders over $15.  Enter code BIRTHDAY during checkout.)

New products coming in the mail and a few from the recent Shop Hop.  I made only 4 stores this year and I'm bummed.  I made it to a lot more of them last year.


  1. For one, those cupcakes are AMAZING! That is the best looking icing I have ever seen! I totally understand the lack of time thing to be creative. As for you, work and your little boy, I don't really have an advice but my heart truly goes out to you. I know how much it hurts you that this is happening. I know I am being no help here, but I will keep you in my thoughts and hopefully he will adjust quickly and life can find a new routine for you guys.

  2. That looks like a fun party! I am so sorry to hear of the trouble your son is having. That has to be so hard! It really does sound like you are doing all the right things, though :) Maybe in a little more time. HUGS to you!

  3. What a totally fun birthday party!!
    I would have loved a Blues party like that when I was younger :)

    As for your son, that is a tough one. We are going through something a little similar here with daddy working out of town. Not so much making sick, but really just acting out.
    It sounds like you are doing all the right things, and he just needs more time. Maybe some kind of reward chart if there is something he is working towards. Like a fun outing or place he really wants to go.
    But the chart is just for fun. Like every day mom has to work, you get a sticker and when you reach so many stickers we will do... So it makes you going to work a positive thing for him. KWIM?

  4. Oh gosh, I wish I had some advice. Hopefully he just needs a little more time to adjust to the changes. Great party and pics of the day!

  5. The cupcakes are awesome! And your photos are great! I imagine your son just needs time to adjust. I know it's probably breaking your heart, but hang in sounds like you are doing everything right. Maybe there is something else going on too. Sending you cyber hugs! :)

  6. Looks like a very successful party. You are such an enabler on the cut files!