Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heading out....

To Calgary tomorrow.  Just a quick trip up for the long holiday weekend.

Going to see these boys....

play a game up there.

Very excited.  I've seen hockey games in other arenas but never *my* team.  I'll be meeting up with a few fans that live up there too.  Making new friends.

I've got a series of fun blog posts planned for while I'm gone since the crafting has been at a stand still these past few days.  I finished week 1 of Project Life and will get that posted.  My Cover Page was also featured on a blog and I'll share that too!  I've got lots to share!

First, the weather.  This CA girl LOVES cold weather.  I'm *so* excited to see some snow while I'm up there.

Calgary Farenheit

Calgary Celsius (because I'm a dork)
Back to crafting.  I started a Fall mini album using a Maya Rd mini album and some Fancy Pants Summers End papers.  *Still* waiting on my final picture order from  Once I get them I can finish this album.

But here is the base.

I used the Jenni Bowlin Paint Dabber in Speckled Egg to paint the edges.  This is SO much easier than trying to cut paper and pictures to an odd shape.  I cut 3x3 squares of paper to fill in the middle.  You get a nice clean look.

I'll share the rest of the album once I get it finished.

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