Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

To  my wonderful husband!

During the move I found this album and saved it to show today.  This was the first album I ever made.  My first scrapbook.  Its been packed away for a while (since 2003 when we packed up the condo and moved into the house....) and it was a bit dusty.

I dusted off the cover and spent some time going through it.  There aren't a lot of pictures and it resembles a Smash book but my son loved looking through it anyway.

Check out those old Making Memories sticker letters!

Our first date:
We ate at Pick Up Stix a lot....... And check out that young couple there.  I was 21!

 We used to send each other these stupid e-cards because our schedules didn't permit us to talk much.  I was in school and he was working insane hours at Frito Lay.  After the first year, it kind of settled down and we got to see each other more.  When we did have free time, we always saw a movie.
 Check out those diecuts!!  I got those at a local store.  They had a wall of diecuts and I used to spend hours there looking through everything deciding what to get.  They had everything!  Some more of our favorite places to eat.....
 My mother in laws dog.  We used to offer to walk hiim just so we could spend time together.
 Road trip!  Another thing we did when we had free weekends.  We took day trips up the coast and to Vegas.
 I saved the best for last.  I remember I had one of those Memory Makers special editions with special scrapbook techniques to try and popup pages was one of them.  Pop up pages!!!  Thats the Luxor in Las Vegas.  I kept the room key and a piece of ribbon off something we had delivered via room service.
This is so funny looking back.  I need to work on my neglected SMASH books now......

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