Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grandpa's Helper and a crab

While my dad was home for the holidays, we moved.  Lots of little stuff to take care of including leveling cabinets and stuff.  Bryan and I aren't handy at all but my dad is.  He could spend hours just fixing 'stuff'.

We took Nick to get his crab and then came home to find Grandpa fixing stuff.  So while I got the crab shack set up, he helped grandpa.

Now back to this crab business.  When Nick finds something he really likes, he obsesses over it.  Trains were his first obsession.  But he has others and crabs are one of them.  Michaels sells these stupid plastic creatures in the kids section (like fish, turtles, horses and crabs) and he has every version of shellfish they offer.  He saves his money from his allowance (yes, he does chores already.  Simple ones.) and buys these stupid animals.  We have a couple of hermit crabs, lobsters, regular crabs.....

My mom was looking through Good Housekeeping or something and they had some toys for kids.  This Crab Shack was one of them.
She got one for Nick and a gift card to the store to get a crab.  After much research I found some things were better for hermit crabs than whats offered in this kit.  So we've slowly upgraded to a better environment for Frank and Olli.

We added Frank right away because he was the only one they had.  We had to wait a few days for them to get a new shipment in and then we brought Olli home.
We had to watch them for a while before we picked one we liked.  It was all about the cool shell.  And then we found out they were all empty and only one crab was actually living in this tank.

Time for the accessories....because every crab shack needs accessories right?

And then we found these cool crabs.  It took a lot of explaining but we just don't have the right tank for these crabs.

Finally we got home and set up the crab shack.  Frank pretty much ran for the little house and refuses to come out.  I think its the sound of some little boy yelling out his name that scares the poor crab.

I have no idea where he came up with the name Olli but thats what he decided to name him while we were checking out.  Frank.....well, I named Frank.  Nick picked it out but I changed it to 'Frank the Tank'.  If anyone has every seen Old School, then you get it.

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